New Opportunities in Ohio

Get ready fast at Shawnee State University

Advanced Manufacturing Jobs are In-Demand 

Ohio advanced manufacturing talent is in high demand. Manufacturing companies thrive in our region and the semiconductor industry is growing rapidly here. 
Ohio is currently #1 in glass, plastics and rubber product manufacturing, has the third-largest manufacturing workforce in the U.S. and annually invests $15.7 billion in science and engineering R&D across the state.  
The semiconductor industry is expected to bring even more advanced manufacturing jobs to Central Ohio.  

Enter a High-Paying Field 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing industry roles earn an average salary of more than $10,000 above other popular sectors. Start your career off right.

You are the right candidate 

Intel is dedicated to providing jobs in Central Ohio, with a specific focus on employing veterans, diversity and inclusion are key to driving innovation.


Shawnee State University is a part of the Appalachian Semiconductor Education and Technical (ASCENT) Ecosystem designed to get you ready for careers with Intel

The Appalachian Semiconductor Education and Technical (ASCENT) Ecosystem is an inclusive workforce development and training program to cultivate the next generation of skilled technical professionals for Ohio’s emerging semiconductor industry. Funded through a $3M grant by Intel and led by Ohio University, ASCENT is comprised of a broad coalition of institutions, colleges and technical centers across the southeastern Appalachian region of Ohio, including Shawnee State University, that will prepare students for career opportunities created by Intel’s arrival to Ohio and growth of the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industries in the Midwest.