The Office of the Bursar handles student accounts and billing. To view your student bill, visit us in the Student Business Center, or go to MySSU

Student Bill Statement Dates

Course and Fee Statements are available on MySSU

How to view your student bill in MySSU

You will not receive a bill in the mail, so be sure to print out a copy of your bill to give to the person responsible for making your payments. For your convenience, you can pay your bill online.

How to pay your bill


The Student Billing Program processes daily from 4:30 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. During this time, students are encouraged to not access their Billing Statements or make payments on their account during this time as the amounts listed may not be accurate to your account balance.

Important Notices

  • If you are paying a past due balance with a paper check your Bursar HOLD will not be removed for 1 week to make sure the check clears. If paying by cash, money order or paying with the ONLINE option the Bursar's HOLD will be removed immediately (within 15 minutes of your payment being processed).
  • Make sure to make payment arrangements for any account balances by the end of each semester. Accounts not paid in full by the end of the term are turned over to the Attorney General of the State of Ohio. The Attorney General of the State of Ohio will begin immediate collection efforts. These collection efforts by the Attorney General of the State of Ohio may also include litigation.
  • Collection cost and interest will be added to the student's account balance.

Where is the Bursar's Office?

The Bursar's Office is located in the Student Business Center, on the second floor of Morris University Center.

The Student Business Center provides services for the Bursar's Office, Financial Aid Office and Registrar's Office.