Protection of Minors Program

Shawnee State University (SSU) is dedicated to the welfare and safety of minors who visit SSU’s campus, participate in SSU’s Programs, or are entrusted to SSU’s care. To promote the protection of minors SSU has adopted a policy and procedure which describes the requirements of administrators, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and others who interact with minors. Additionally, this policy/procedure informs all members of the university community of their obligation to report any instances of known or suspected abuse or neglect of minors. The policy and procedure can be found at the links below.

The Office of Risk Management & Contract Services is responsible for administering the Protection of Minors Policy. This office will develop and publish guidelines for the implementation of the policy consistent with Shawnee State’s mission and best practices in this area.

Program Registration

The Program Director or Director’s designee of the Shawnee State or the third party Program shall register the Program with the Office of Risk Management & Contract Services with sufficient advance notice to meet the requirements and intentions of this procedure. The following is the program registration form.

Execute Written Agreement(s)

For all Shawnee State Programs that involve minors, the parent or guardian shall receive, review, and sign a university participation agreement before his or her minor child can participate in the Program. The following is the authorization and release form.

Background Checks

It is the responsibility of the Program Director or Director’s designee to ensure that each participating adult has submitted the background request information and has subsequently received clearance to participate. The Office of Risk Management & Contract Services will maintain a catalog of individuals who have been cleared to participate. The following is the SSU Volunteer Application (PDF).


The required training for these programs can be found at the following link. This training must be completed before participation in the camp or program is permitted.

Training link


Minors on Campus Policy 5.40 (PDF)

Camp Registration, Background Checks, Training & Reporting 5.40:1 (PDF)