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Career Outlook

After graduating from Shawnee State with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Healthcare Administration, you will have a variety of career options. You can work as a hospital, nursing home, or clinic administrator. You can work as an administrator for a company that provides services to a health care organization and you can use your knowledge as a stepping stone to pursue an advanced degree in Health Care Administration or a related field.

Enter a growing field

US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook reports the job outlook for 2016-2026 to be 20% growth (average is 6%).

Median Salary is $98,350 per year ($45.43 per hour).

Information on occupational outlook and opportunities can be found at the Federal Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The Long-Term Care degree program is accredited by NAB (The National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards), enabling students to graduate from a nationally accredited program. Only twelve long-term care programs across the US hold this accreditation. The Shawnee State program is the only business degree in health care administration in Ohio with this accreditation.

Acute Care Track

For students interested in hospital based or primary care, the program offers an acute care track which focuses on management and administrative careers in hospitals, clinics, and managed care. This program track requires a 200-hour practicum, and a 500-hour internship in a health care organization. There is a growing need for trained managers to work in these types of health care facilities.

Long Term Care & Community Based Service Track

Students who complete the majority of their internships in skilled nursing facilities are qualified and eligible to take the State and Federal Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Examinations upon graduation, although this is an individual choice. Long term care track students are required to complete an internship with a total of 1000 hours in a variety of settings, including senior centers, adult day centers, home care organizations, hospice organizations, assisted living/residential care centers, and long- term care facilities.

Students choosing the long-term care and community based service program are entering a growing career field. As the population ages, elders and those with disabilities will have increasing needs for services and support provided by organizations such as those noted above.

Class Scheduling

Health care administration courses are offered late in the afternoon and in the evening to accommodate the working professional. Plans for making the program more accessible include having all courses (with the exception of practicum and internship hours) available online by the Fall of 2020.

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