The PCard is the property of Shawnee State University and should be protected and secured just as a cardholder would protect and secure his or her own card. It is the responsibility of the individual cardholder to report a lost or stolen PCard immediately.

A replacement card will be issued 7-10 business days after the PCard administrator has been properly notified of the lost/stolen card. Once the replacement card arrives, the cardholder will be notified by e-mail and may pick up their card, in person with proper ID, at the Procurement Services, Administration Building, room 197.

Steps to Canceling a Lost/Stolen PCard

  1. If the PCard is lost or stolen during business hours, notify the PCard Administrator immediately at (740) 351-3310 or (740) 351-3314.
  2. If the card is stolen in the evening or on the weekend, when purchasing staff are not available, contact the Bank at 1-888.-449-227 within the United States, or call 1-602-379-8753 if traveling internationally. Request that the Bank put a temporary hold on the card, and notify the Pcard administrator as soon as possible that the card should be permanently canceled.
  3. Upon receipt of the "replacement" PCard, be sure to activate the new account before initiating use.
  4. Notify your department reviewer or other pertinent parties of the new account information for records they may keep.