Writing student information

Student Information

You might want to visit the Writing Center if you need help:

  • Writing papers for your classes,
  • Preparing for essay tests, or
  • Researching or documenting your class papers.

The peer tutors can best help you with your writing if you remember the following guidelines:

  1. Know your assignment.
  2. Come prepared with questions about a rough draft, an assignment (bring the assignment sheet), or a final draft.
  3. Most tutoring sessions last 15-20 minutes. Tutors can usually give you a significant amount of feedback in that length of time. Longer sessions are not always productive. If you need more feedback than you can get in one tutoring session, feel free to return to the Center after you have substantially revised your work.
  4. Please be courteous to others using the Center. Keep the noise level down. Do not interrupt others' tutoring sessions.
  5. Tutors will coach you through the writing process, but your work must be your own. They cannot write your papers for you.
  6. Tutors will be happy to help you learn to identify and correct your own errors. They cannot proofread and edit your work for you.
  7. Tutors will give you constructive feedback on your work in progress. They cannot grade your work.
  8. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own work. You can accept or reject tutors' suggestions.

Peer tutors cannot grade your work.