Information Security Overview

About Information Security

The Information Security pages contain information regarding information security, identity theft, and tips on how to protect your personal data as well as the data you may need access to as a part of your job. Click on the links located in the paragraph below, or on the left-hand menu (under Information Security) for important information.

Report a suspected incident involving information security

This form is used to document a suspected theft or loss of student, staff or faculty confidential information at Shawnee State University.

Security Awareness

Awareness is a powerful tool in the fight against identity theft. The more you know about how to protect your information and the information of others you come in contact with, the harder it is for identity thieves to commit their crimes.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone uses another person’s information without their permission to commit fraud or other crimes. It is important that you take steps to minimize the risk, and report any suspected instances of Identity Theft.

Reducing the Risk of Information Theft at Universities

Shawnee State University is committed to protecting the data of its students and employees as are other higher education institutions in the state of Ohio.

Shawnee State University's Conditions for Information Security

Individuals are required to know and comply with the UTAC approved "Conditions for Information Security and Best Practices". Failure to comply with these practices may result in loss of computing privileges and/or disciplinary action.

Shawnee State University Departmental Information Security Action Plan

All academic and administrative offices within the University have the primary responsibility and authority to ensure their respective departments comply with University requirements for privacy and security of specific types of confidential information, and should complete the Departmental Security Action Plan.

Computer Use Policy 5.30

This policy addresses the appropriate use of new technologies and identifies the University's expectations regarding acceptable use of computing resources, networks, and information on campus.

Acknowledgement of Security Awareness

Completing the form, Acknowledgement of Security Awareness, ensures that the University acknowledges your awareness of the need for Information Security at Shawnee State University

If you have questions that are not addressed on these pages, you can contact the Information Technology Services Office at