This plan will be developed in conjunction with faculty and departments, and will require a training, conversion, and transition period. Therefore, courses will gradually transition to the new course view. As a result, both faculty and students will experience using both Original and Ultra courses within the SSU Blackboard Learn environment for the duration of the project until all courses have been transitioned to the new Ultra course view. More detailed information will be provided as the project progresses.

Where are we now?

Phase 1: Pilot Group-Spring 2023 is Completed

The cohort of faculty participating in the Ultra Pilot Group have completed the Spring 2023 trainings. Some of the faculty will be teaching course in the new Ultra Course View in the coming summer and fall semesters..


Pilot Group Feedback 


“I believe it is more straightforward and easier to use. I also believe it's easier to customize the course. I believe the main advantage is the ease of copying content from a previous class. I've found no disadvantages, but there is a learning curve when switching to Ultra.” -Dr. Doug Darbro

I'm somewhat surprised that I like the Ultra course view. Five years ago when we did the first Ultra pilot group, it was bad. There were so many things that did not work or were unsupported. Now, it is very useable, and in many ways, better than the classic view. I am happy that Blackboard spent to time to improve it…”- Dr. Eugene Burns

“I like the fact that it's a more modern look - and relatively intuitive! I think our students will find it easier to access.”- Dr. Andy Napper


Now Phase 2: Faculty Training and Conversion Support-Summer 2024/Fall 2024


ITS Blackboard Support will be scheduling trainings and providing assistance to faculty for conversion of the first group of courses that will be taught in the new Ultra Course View in Spring 2025. Detailed information regarding the timeline will come via direct emails through departmental communication channels. Some courses are now being taught live in the Ultra Course View, so students will now begin to experience courses in the Ultra Course View.

Check back here for The ULTRA Project updates!


What is Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View?

Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View is the most recently developed course experience which provides a simpler and more modern course experience for instructors and students. The workflows and tools are easy to find and use in the Ultra Course View. Instructors and students need little experience with Blackboard Learn to find and use the tools available to them.

The Ultra Course View is most easily identified by the location of the navigation bar which is located at the top of the course.

Ultra Course View

Ultra Course View Training Resources

Make Your Voice Heard!

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