laptopLenovo is the preferred vendor for Shawnee State University for computer hardware items such as laptops, towers, gaming machines, and engineering workstations. Through this relationship, SSU students and employees receive a discount on personal purchases of computers, laptops, and other items purchased through the SSU Lenovo Discount Site.

Note to students before buying:

ITS strongly recommends that students verify the specific computer requirements for their Major with their academic department before making a purchase! 

Authorized Warranty Repairs at the IT Service Desk

In addition to the discounted purchase price, the primary advantage to purchasing a Lenovo device with a warranty, is that the SSU IT Service Desk is an Authorized Warranty Repair Location for Lenovo. This means that the IT Service Desk can provide you with any necessary warranty repairs right here on campus! In the event you need a warranty repair, you will be able to bring your hardware to the IT Service Desk where our Lenovo Certified Technicians will provide you with free warranty service. So you will never need to ship your computer out or take it off campus for any warranty work.

Visit Lenovo to see their quick-ship options!

SSU Lenovo Discount Site