What is Blackboard?

The Blackboard Learn platform is the official online learning management system supported by Shawnee State University for online and hybrid courses. Blackboard Learn provides an online central location for instructors to communicate with students regarding course information, assignments, grades, etc.

Through Blackboard Learn, students can electronically submit assignments, complete tests and quizzes, interact with other students through discussion boards, check grades entered by instructors, and view course documents such as files for assignments or the course syllabus.

What technology do I need to access Blackboard Learn?

You will need to make sure that you have the proper technology for accessing Blackboard Learn. You will need access to a computer or other device with broadband internet.

What browser should I use to access Blackboard Learn?  

We recommend using the most recent version of either Firefox or Chrome to access Blackboard Learn. Other browsers will cause errors with uploading files, submitting assignments, etc.

Use the Browser Checker on the Blackboard Help site to check if your browser is supported. Simply click the Browser Checker link and the checker will run.

Accessing Blackboard 

To access and log into Blackboard, follow the SSO for Blackboard instructions

What is Blackboard Learn Original Course View?

Blackboard Learn Original Course View is the default appearance of all courses in the SSU Blackboard Learn environment as of 2023. The Original Course View is most easily identified by the location of the navigation panel which is located on the left-hand side of the course.

Blackboard View

What is Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View?

Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View is the most recently developed course experience which provides a simpler and more modern course experience for instructors and students. The workflows and tools are easy to find and use in the Ultra Course View. Instructors and students need little experience with Blackboard Learn to find and use the tools available to them.

The Ultra Course View is most easily identified by the location of the navigation bar which is located at the top of the course. Learn more about ULTRA Course View at SSU

Ultra View

What is Class Collaborate? 

In addition to Blackboard, SSU instructors may also use a tool called Class Collaborate(formerly Blackboard Collaborate). Class Collaborate is an online web conferencing tool and can be accessed from within your courses or through a link provided by your instructor. Here is a playlist of video tutorials covering Class Collaborate

Is there a Blackboard App? 

Blackboard offers a free Blackboard Learn mobile app. The Blackboard Learn app is best used as a tool for staying organized. If you’re a student, the Blackboard Learn app is designed especially for you to view content and participate in courses. If you’re an instructor, the mobile app enables you to view the course content, modify settings, grade assignments, and connect with students in discussions. This video will introduce you to using the Blackboard app: Blackboard Learn Intro Video

How Do I Get Help with Blackboard?

Learn more and get help with ULTRA Course View

Make Your Voice Heard!

Anthology, the parent company of Blackboard Learn, has a platform, Anthology Idea Exchange for Teaching and Learning, for all clients to share and vote on ideas. Do you have an idea for a feature you think should implemented or would you like to help other instructors at other institutions get their ideas implemented? Watch this video then join the Idea Exchange to jump in the conversation!