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Student Organizations are identified in one of the following four categories:

  1. Academic Groups - These are clubs directly correlated with an academic program.
  2. National Honor Societies - Honor societies are unique in that students cannot simply sign up and become a member, but they need to meet certain requirements such as having a certain GPA in their academic discipline in order to be inducted.
  3. Fraternity & Sorority Life (Social Greek Organizations) - Greek letter organizations are another unique student group. Each group has its own specific set of values and ideals; however, the general mission is to develop social excellence in its members through service, philanthropy, leadership development, and campus involvement.
  4. Special Interest Groups - This is the umbrella of a majority of the organizations on campus and includes everything ranging from Rotoract to Student Veterans of America. Wherever student interest exists, an organization can be created to meet that need.

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