Junior year is a pivotal time for students to gain valuable experience in their chosen field and prepare for their future careers. To ensure their success, here are some essential tips and resources you can share with the student:

Expand Their Network

Encourage students to expand their network by connecting with professionals in their field and conducting informational interviews. Our Networking Guide (PDF) provides a step-by-step approach to making contacts, asking insightful questions, and following up effectively.

Resume Preparation

Assist students in preparing their resumes and encourage them to have them reviewed by our office. They can find a comprehensive guide to resume writing on our website, use our ChatGPT/AI platform, Hiration, for guidance, and/or schedule an appointment with us for personalized assistance.

Part-time Jobs and Internships

Guide students in exploring part-time jobs and internships relevant to their interests. Our website offers resources and opportunities for internships, and students can also work with Career Services or Workforce Development for additional support in their search.

Graduate School Preparation

For students considering graduate or professional school, advise them to start planning early. Some programs require tests to be completed during junior year. They can explore resources for graduate school on our website and schedule an appointment with us for guidance on choosing fields and schools and preparing application materials.

Schedule an Appointment

Encourage students to schedule individual appointments with our Career Development staff. These appointments provide personalized guidance tailored to each student's needs and aspirations.

Together, let's empower our juniors to make the most of their academic journey and pave the way for a successful future.