Check out our video to find out more about how to dress for success to make a great first impression on potential employers:

Infographic about how to dress for an interview
Image from NACE, 2015

Did you know that 92% of students believe that dressing well is an important part of acing an interview, but nearly 1 in 5 say they aren’t even sure what to wear to an interview? (Source: IndiCo Suitable Attire).

Whether you are preparing for an interview, job fair, or other professional experience (i.e. job shadowing), you want to make sure you look your best.

Here are some suggestions for dressing the part:

  • Know the typical dress-code of the company you’re interviewing for: Business Casual, Business Professional, Uniforms, etc.
  • First impressions are important; dress the part by wearing conservative, simple, and comfortable clothing.
  • *Avoid: Wrinkles and tags on clothing; heavy perfumes and colognes; denim pants of any sort; mismatching or overly flamboyant clothing and/or accessories; ill-fitting shirts, pants, or skirts; unruly hair or facial hair; long and bright fingernails; exposed tattoos and body piercings.
  • Example for Men (Business Causal): A crisp, solid-colored button-up shirt with a conservative neck tie, a dark tailored suit jacket, dark pants (Navy or Black; Khakis) with a belt, and dark socks and shoes. Always wear appropriate and neutral undergarments.
  • Example for Women (Business Casual): A dark suit; knee-length skirts and pant suits are acceptable, a simple and conservative blouse and/or cardigan, neutral or black hosiery (don’t wear skirts without them), and dark closed-toe shoes (flats or low-heel). Always wear appropriate and neutral undergarments and natural make-up.

Tips for building a professional wardrobe:

  • Clothes can be expensive, but you don't spend all you have in savings on clothes. You just need one good suit which you should be able to get on sale around the holidays, at an outlet or even a consignment/thrift store.
  • Career Services maintains a Professional Clothing Closet and Tiebrary at the Kricker Innovation Hub, 221 Chillicothe St., Portsmouth. Contact Career Services, (740) 351-3027 for more information.