What is Limitless Launch?

Limitless Launch is a program that prepares juniors, seniors, and newly graduated students with disabilities to enter the workforce successfully.

As part of Limitless Launch, students will receive training and feedback on how to:

  • Create professional resumes and cover letters
  • Post high-quality professional social media profiles on LinkedIn and Handshake
  • Use networks and web tools to search for employment
  • Learn about and apply for Schedule A jobs for hiring advantages
  • Apply to the Workforce Recruitment Program for Schedule A job seekers
  • Attend an etiquette meal and learn social skills for work related dining experiences
  • Understand and successfully advocate for rights in the workforce, including any accommodations that participants have a legal right to receive
  • Prepare an interview-ready portfolio complete with personalized information for HR onboarding

In addition, participants who complete specific objectives will receive:

  • A free professional headshot
  • A professional padfolio upon program exit or first interview
  • Limitless Launch cords for graduation
  • Other free benefit such as meals, coffee, and prizes.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any student who qualifies for accessibility services at Shawnee State University that is a junior, senior, or who has recently completed their degree. 

To enroll, please fill out our Limitless Launch program registration.