We prepare our students for Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs.

Shawnee State University offers a variety of academic degrees to prepare our students for Ohio's In-Demand Jobs. You can begin by exploring Ohio's In-Demand occupations at OhioMeansJobs.

Ohio's Top Jobs Dashboard provides individuals, training institutions, businesses, workforce professionals and policymakers with a reliable, consistent method for identifying in-demand jobs and related career opportunities in Ohio.

Plastics Engineering Technology graduates are in high demand.

Shawnee State Plastics Engineering Technology graduates are in high demand -- with high-paying starting salaries. Learn more HERE about this growing industry and how Shawnee State can get you career-ready.

English Humanities equips our students with strong communication skills.

Shawnee State invites you to learn about all the possibilities you can have by earning a degree in English Humanities. Every market looks for employees with strong communications skills, so let us show you how Shawnee State can get you career ready!

The nursing profession has several different pathways.

Nursing is an In-Demand Job in the state of Ohio, and Shawnee State offers several pathways toward reaching your career goals in the nursing profession. Check it out!

A Mathematical Sciences degree leads you to a variety of options.

As part of In-Demand Jobs in Ohio, we want to show you the endless possibilities your future can have with a mathematics degree! Start your journey HERE.

A Career in Information Technology introduces you to many possibilities.

Let Shawnee State University introduce you to the variety of opportunities you have with a career in Information Technology, which also appears on Ohio's In-Demand jobs list! Learn more HERE.

The role of Graphic Designers is expanding due to new opportunities.

Shawnee State University can prepare you for a career in graphic design which now plays a role in many different media including apps and webpages as well as games and other virtual experiences. Find out more about this in-demand career HERE.