Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance validates the existence of an insurance policy. It may be issued by the University or an insurance agent or broker. A certificate of insurance should include the following:

  • Name of the insurance company and policy number
  • Policy period
  • Name of the insured and address
  • Description of coverage
  • Description and locations of operation
  • Name and address of certificate holder
  • Policy limits
  • Notice of cancellation provision
  • Authorized signature and date

Certificates to Other Parties

University groups using non-University facilities are often required to furnish a certificate of insurance evidencing the existence of insurance coverage by the University. To request a certificate of insurance, complete the Certificate of Insurance Request Form (PDF) and send it to the Office of Risk Management & Safety. Be sure your information includes the name and address of the party requesting it, the purpose of Shawnee State University's use, and the dates for which coverage is required.

Certificates from Other Parties

When others are contractually required to provide the University with a certificate of insurance, a copy of the certificate should be sent to the relevant department and to the Office of Risk Management.