Becoming an Administrative User

Shawnee State utilizes Jenzabar for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management software. Jenzabar provides SSU with a suite of integrated applications that support core business processes, using a common databases maintained by a database management system. ITS maintains all Jenzabar modules including responsibility for installing software maintenance orders (SMOs) when released by the vendor.

As a Shawnee State University employee, you have the opportunity to utilize all of the Jenzabar technologies afforded access to you based on your employee role. Being authorized to access and use Jenzabar during the course of daily operations in your department, may mean that you have access to create or view information that is considered confidential, SSU-protected information as defined by state and federal authorities. Prior to being granted authorization to access this data you will need to receive the appropriate training as a pre-requisite for being granted login access.

Your employee role may also dictate that you need to have access to certain financial data stored within Jenzabar, such as departmental budget information. The Finance and Administration Office will need to provide you with functional-specific training prior to being authorized to access such information.

Departmental users of Jenzabar meet regularly to discuss progress, technical and operational issues and approve product development. If you would like to join this user group, contact ITS and ask to be included for membership as a qualified user.

The Jenzabar modules currently in operation at SSU are included in the following catalog, along with the primary department user.

Jenzabar Applications


Module Name Service Name Primary Department
CX AD MN Admissions Maintenance Admissions
CX AR MN Student Financials Maintenance Bursar
CX BD MN Budgeting Maintenance Finance and Administration
CX CM MN Common Maintenance ITS
CX Cognos8 Plus MN Cognos8 Plus Bundle Maintenance ITS
CX CRM CA MN Candidate Maintenance Admissions
CX CRM CST MN Constituent Maintenance Development Foundation
CX CRM FAC MN Faculty Maintenance Provost
CX CRM STAFF MN Staff Maintenance Human Resources
CRM STU MN Student Maintenance Registrar
CX DA MN Degree Audit Maintenance Registrar
CX DE MN Alumni/Development Maintenance Alumni
CX EPFEITHDOC MN Document Imaging Maintenance ITS
CX FN MN Financial Aid Maintenance Financial Aid
CX GL MN General Ledger Maintenance Finance and Administration
CX GRAD PL MN Academic Planning Maintenance Provost
CX HR MN HR Administration Maintenance Human Resources
CX JICS GO MN Jenzabar Mobile Maintenance ITS
CX JICS MN Internet Campus Base Maintenance ITS
CX LP MN Loan Processing Maintenance Financial Aid
CX PA MN HR-Payroll Maintenance Human Resources
CX PE MN HR Position Control Maintenance Human Resources
CX PO MN Purchasing/Accounts Payable Maintenance Finance and Administration
CX RE MN Academic Records Maintenance Bursar
CX SL MN Student Affairs Maintenance Student Life
CX UAI MN UA Interface Maintenance ITS
JX UTL SW JX Utility Tools Software Maintenance ITS
JX UTL MN Utility Tools Maintenance ITS

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