Many courses offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences recommend graphing calculators, and in some cases, a graphing calculator is a course requirement. Students may rent a calculator by the semester. The rental requires a payment of $100.00, of which $60.00 is returned to student at the end of the semester when the calculator is returned.

Rental Procedure

First, the student must pay $100.00 at the Bursar's office. The student then brings the receipt to Sherri Petrovich in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, who issues the calculator (TI-83 or similar). At the end of the semester the student returns the calculator to Sherri Petrovich, and the paperwork is processed for reimbursement of $60.00 to the student.

For more information call 351-3301, email Sherri Petrovich, or stop by the Department of Mathematical Sciences on the first floor of the Administration Building. 

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