How to Obtain a PCard and PaymentNet Access

Complete the PCard/Travel Card Application

  1. Select type of card: PCard or Stored Value Card.
  2. List the department name.
  3. List the account you most frequently use as your default account NOTE: A lab account, carry forward account, or grant account cannot be used as your default.
  4. List applicant’s information:
    • Name (last name, first name, middle initial)
    • Cardholder's home address
    • Billing address (campus address)
    • Billing phone number (campus phone number)
    • Last four digits of Social Security number
    • Date of birth
    • E-mail address (
      NOTE: The SS# and date of birth are used for security purposes when contacting JPMorganChase in regard to your account.
  5. List the main and alternate PaymentNet Reviewer for this applicant. Provide their email address, need for training, and PaymentNet authority level requested. (View and/or Approve-Self and/or Others).
  6. Mark the method of higher approval to be performed by the budget manager. At least two methods must be marked.
  7. Obtain original signatures from department administrators prior to submitting the application. NOTE: Each application must be signed and dated by a minimum of two people—the prospective cardholder and the budget manager of the cardholder’s department. If the budget manager is a director, chair, or dean, the application must also be signed by the appropriate vice president (or designee). Vice presidents’ applications should be signed by the president. The president’s application should be signed by the vice president of finance and administration.
  8. Submit application to PCard administrator, Administration Building, room 197, in an envelope marked “Confidential.”
  9. Register for training (required) by calling (740) 351-3314. Purchasing cards are distributed at the end of the training session.

NOTE: Complete the Addendum to PCard Application to revise information listed on an existing PCard account, such as transaction limits, default account number, designation of PaymentNet reviewer, etc.