Criminal Justice Certificate

The certification in criminal justice is a 12 credit hour, undergraduate degree certification. The certificate would consist of two required courses: Introduction to Criminal Justice and Introduction to Criminology. Beyond these two courses, students would choose two additional courses from a selection of four. The four courses that students could choose from are Policing, Corrections, Victimology, and Forensic Anthropology. These four courses cover a wide array of areas of criminal justice that students could potentially enter and allow the certificate to be customized to a degree to the specific interests of the student.

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Digital Appalachian Studies Certificate

Built upon existing courses and faculty specialties in digital arts, social sciences, business administration, and humanities, this 15-credit hour course of study focuses on developing an understanding of the Appalachian region–it’s history, culture, and the current issues facing its communities. The program will introduce students to current digital tools and methods used in education, business, government, and non-profit institutions.

With its inclusion of service and project-based learning, combining technological training and collaborative research, the certificate is built on the traditional foundations of the liberal arts. The curriculum aims to develop the skills and first-hand experience that businesses, government offices, and non-profit organizations are looking for in today’s applicant.

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