The five program goals of the graduate program are as follows:

  1. Graduates apply their content/discipline area knowledge to create meaningful learning experiences.
  2. Graduates apply their understanding of human development, learning and diversity to inform their professional practice.
  3. Graduates apply their knowledge of environmental influences to create learning environments that support the learning outcomes.
  4. Graduates apply their knowledge of effective curriculum and instruction to ensure students' learning outcomes.
  5. Graduates model ethical, reflective and inquiring professional practice. 

Teacher Education Mission

The purpose of the Teacher Education Program is to prepare educators to be learner-centered and inquiring professionals who can think critically, act ethically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively to meet the diverse needs of all students  By encouraging the acquisition of these characteristics, this program hopes to develop educational professionals who will be change agents in their schools and communities through the implementation of evidence-based teaching practices and the demonstration of strong, yet collaborative, leadership qualities.

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