The Department of Natural Sciences at Shawnee State University offers challenging and rigorous baccalaureate degrees in biologychemistry, and geology. In conjunction with the School of Education, we also offer four science education programs with grades 7 – 12 teaching licensure. Our diverse programming allows for interdisciplinary collaboration among students and faculty as well as further specialization in the tracks within our majors.

We offer an associates degree  in Natural Science that serves as preparation for a technical career, as well as a stepping stone towards our baccalaureate degrees. Students wishing to add minors to their current degree programs, can choose from nine minors in Natural Sciences.

For students interested in pursuing a career in medicine, pharmacy, or other biomedical fields, our BS biology and chemistry degrees are excellent preparation. The B.S. in chemistry contains three tracks from which students choose depending on their career goals in graduate study, pharmacy school, or industrial paths. For students pursuing graduate training in biomedical sciences or entrance to professional schools such as medical, dental, or veterinary school, we offer a highly successful program in biomedical sciences. Our students complete all of the prerequisite courses for graduate or professional school, and are able to choose from upper-level microbiology and anatomy electives not often found at small institutions. Thanks to a low student: faculty ratio, students in all majors in our department gain hands-on experience with modern scientific instruments during laboratory classes and in mentored research projects. 

The department also provides unique opportunities to students interested in organismal and field sciences. The Waller Conservatory is a 1500 square foot, solarium-type greenhouse attached to the southeast corner of Massie Hall. Within a 15-minute drive from campus, students utilize the 68,000-acre Shawnee State Forest system for their natural classroom and laboratory. Through our expert faculty, students gain access to smaller preserve systems in the region and routinely participate in valuable field experiences during their undergraduate careers. This makes our students stand out when compared to other programs. On campus, students have access to more than 220 species of trees and museum grade biological and geological specimens housed right here in Massie Hall. Our general biology and geology majors have a proven record of success in acceptance into graduate programs, environmental, government and industry positions.  

If you have any questions about our department or programs, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Jennifer Napper

Jennifer Napper, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Department of Natural Sciences & Associate Professor of Biology
Massie Hall, Room 419
(740) 351-3343