Congratulations on your decision to investigate the possibility of an internship! An internship is a partnership between students, Shawnee State University, and employers that formally integrates students' academic study with valuable, career-related experience.

Quality internships allow students to learn more about their fields of interest though observation and direct participation in a job setting. Internships also assist students in establishing future employment connections, allow students to contribute substantial projects that will build on the skills learned in the classroom, and provide employers with trained, well-rounded students who will be excellent candidates for future full-time employees.

Academic credit hours can also be gained from internships with most degrees. Other degrees can acknowledge internships as a notation on the student's transcript. If you are earning academic credit for the internship, your internship must be supervised by a faculty advisor; if you are not earning academic credit for your internship, your internship must be advised by the Internship Assistant or Students Career Development staff member. 

Use the internships sub-menu to review requirements, responsibilities, and the application process.

Need Help?

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