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Why study abroad?

The world is only becoming more and more globalized, and study abroad students are better prepared to engage with our continually globalizing society. Learn to thrive in different contexts and hone critical thinking skills. Students can earn SSU credit abroad and transfer it back to their degree. A few more notable reason to study abroad are: impress prospective employers, stand out from your peers, advance your second language skills, develop intercultural competency, and create new relationships.

When can you go?

SSU students can study abroad during a summer program as soon as their freshman year begins as long as they are 18 or older. Students who wish to study on a semester exchange must have completed their freshman year. You must have at least a 2.5 overall/cumulative GPA for a semester program and at least 2.0 GPA earned for a summer KIIS program. In addition to GPA, the applicant must be a self-motivated individual who can adapt to different cultures and environments. 

Where can you go?

Shawnee State affords its students with a variety of study abroad options. Students may take part in a short-term four-week program led by faculty through our Kentucky Institute for International Studies program. SSU also offers its students semester and one-year exchange opportunities through their bi-lateral exchange partner programs in Spain, Morocco, China, and Vietnam or through ISEP (International Student Exchange Program).

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