The Distance Learning Committee (DLC) at Shawnee State University takes its charge from the UFS Constitution and Bylaws. Its main charge is to evaluate all curricular proposals related to hybrid, hyflex, and fully online courses (excluding those courses developed for the E-campus).

The DLC consists of a Director, who is named by the Provost with consultation of the UFS Executive Committee and DLC. The committee also includes department/school representatives from each department/school across campus. The current DLC membership can be found here.

The Guidance Document discusses how DLC reviews proposals and the steps for putting them together.

The Module Template provides a .docx which can be filled in to complete the required module template.

The Syllabus Template provides a .docx which can be updated to capture much of the required content for an hyflex, hybrid, or online course. With this document be sure to ensure that all of the policies are current.

DLC uses the Blackboard Rubric to evaluate proposals presented to DLC. Be sure to reference this document as you put your course and proposal together to help ensure it has all of the information that DLC is looking for.

Your First Online Course?

If you are just starting out thinking about developing a hyflex, hybrid, or fully online course do not hesitate to reach out to your department / school representative to DLC or the DLC Director. They can help you get started!

Distance Learning Resources

Instructor Training

If you are going to be designing an online course or teaching an online course for the first time, you are required to participate in training for either course design or course delivery. If you have already participated in training through an organization such as Quality Matters or Online Learning Consortium, this will qualify for your training. If you have not had any training, or wish to brush up, you can take a free, self-paced online course.