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Degree Requirements

Shawnee State designed its geology program with a core curriculum (closely modeled after the American Institute of Professional Geologists recommendations) which is enhanced through elective courses, field experiences, and research opportunities. This balance maintains a unique, field-oriented curriculum of which few programs of similar size can boast.

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If you have any questions about our geology program, feel free to drop us an email at:

You can also learn more about the geology research being conducted by Dr. Erik Larson and Dr. Kurt Shoemaker by visiting their faculty profile pages.

Career Options

Most careers related to geology will include a mix of fieldwork, laboratory work, and office work which keeps the day interesting, and fall into one of these 5 overarching categories:

  • Corporate (e.g. oil, gas, coal, mining, minerals, environmental, engineering)
  • Nonprofit (e.g. environmental, planning, educational)
  • Government (e.g. land planning, regulations, state geologic surveys, state environmental / natural resources departments, United State Geological Survey, National Park Service, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Secondary education
  • Academic (e.g. graduate student, professor, researcher)

Common job titles you may encounter as an entry-level geologist include:

  • Environmental geologist / hydrologist / technician
  • Field geologist / hydrologist / technician
  • Lab technician
  • GIS technician
  • Natural resources manager
  • Graduate student

Additional Career Resources

For additional resources on possible geology careers and the paths to get them, visit the American Geosciences Institute Career Compasses.

For additional resources on career prospects in geology, visit the American Geosciences Institute Workforce webpage.

For additional information about geology – check out the main geology societies in the US:

Blake Smalley: Sharing the love of science with future generations

What Makes This Major Unique:

At Shawnee State, faculty get to know our geology majors as individuals, and are able to mentor them—be it with regard to coursework, research opportunities, or career guidance—throughout their college careers.

  • Two full-time broadly trained faculty members with PhD’s in geology
  • Small upper-level class sizes (~10 students)
  • Authentic learning activities incorporated into upper-level coursework
  • Centrally located to see a wide variety of geological phenomena
  • Extensive field experiences across all courses, ranging from trips that are a few hours to over a week in length
  • Numerous opportunities for research opportunities which result in student given presentations at national conferences
  • Emphasis on technical and applied skills
  • Geology club which engages in community outreach and regularly travels to geology conferences

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates will identify, demonstrate knowledge of, and interpret the significance of Earth materials at microscopic, hand samples, outcrop, regional and global scales.
  • Graduates will understand and apply Earth processes and forms across space and time through quantitative and qualitative means.
  • Graduates will use, interpret, and create maps, cross sections, and stratigraphic columns to convey and interpret information about the Earth.
  • Graduates will design and conduct geological investigations that require effective observations and interpretations which may include the use of scientific instrumentation and methodology.
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