School of Nursing

Explore Nursing Degrees

Area of Study Degree Awarded Job Opportunities
Nursing Associate Primary care nurses
Private duty nurses
Healthcare clinic nurses
Long term care nursing supervisor
Acute care unit charge nurse
Nursing Bachelor Primary care nurses
Unit educators
Unit managers
School nurses
Occupational health nurses
Community health nurses
Public health nurses
Nurse consultants for insurance or pharmaceutical companies
Expert nurse witnesses
Nursing supervisor
Clinical Case Management

Department of Allied Health Sciences

Explore Health Science Degrees

Area of Study Degree Awarded Job Opportunities
Dental Hygiene Associate Clinician:
Private dental practices 
Community clinics 
University dental clinics 
Prison facilities 
Nursing homes 

Sales representatives 
Product researchers 
Corporate educators 
Corporate administrators 

Public Health:
Clinicians, Administrators, Researchers 
State Public Health Officer 
Community Clinic Administrator 
Indian Health Service 
Head Start programs 
Local health departments 
National Health Service Corps 
School sealant programs 
Rural or inner city community clinics 

Colleges and universities 
Governmental agencies 
Nonprofit organizations Educator: 
Clinical instructors 
Classroom instructors 
Program directors 
Corporate educators 

Clinical Director, statewide school sealant program 
Program Director, dental hygiene educational program 
Dean of Health Sciences, educational institution 
Executive Director, state association staff 
Director, corporate sales 

Product Development and Sales 
Practice Management Company 
Employment Service 
CE provider or Meeting Planner 
Consulting Business 
Independent Clinical Practice 
Professional Speaker / Writer
Medical Laboratory Technology Associate Immunologist
Dialysis technician
Research analyst

In any of the following places:
Doctor’s Offices 
Research Laboratories 
Forensic Laboratories 
Public Health Departments 
Water Companies 
Veterinary Offices 
Pharmaceutical Companies 
Blood Centers (Red Cross, Hoxworth, etc.) 
Home Health opportunities 
Respiratory Therapy Associate acute care hospitals 
sleep disorder centers and diagnostic laboratories 
long term acute care facilities 
rehabilitation, research and skilled nursing facilities 
patients' homes 
patient transport systems 
physician offices 
convalescent and retirement centers 
educational institutions 
medical equipment companies and suppliers 
wellness centers
Radiologic Technology Associate Entry Level Radiologic Technologist:
Medical Center/Hospital Imaging Departments 
Urgent Care Centers 
Imaging Centers 
Outpatient Surgical Centers 
Private Physician's Office 
Mobile Imaging Services 

Clinical Instructor (after two years experience) 
Adjunct Faculty (College or University) 

With Additional Experience/Training/Education: 
Computerized Tomography Technologist 
Mammography Technologist 
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist 
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 
Radiation Therapist 
Bone Densitometry Technologist 
Quality Assurance/Control Technologist 
Imaging Department Director/Supervisor 

With A Bachelor's Degree:
Program Faculty College/University/Technical School 

Sales representatives 
Corporate educators/Application Specialist 
Corporate administrators 

With A Master's Degree:
Director of a Radiologic Technology Program at a College/University/Technical School 

Colleges and universities 
Governmental agencies
Emergency Medical Technology Certificate Emergency medical Technician at any of the following:
911 centers 
Fire departments 
EMS squads 
Ambulance services 
Hospital Emergency rooms 

Emergency response member for confined space entry team in any of the following:
Construction operation 
Mining operations 
Chemical plants 
Power plants

Emergency Department Technicians
Paramedic Certificate/Associate Paramedic at any of the following: 
Fire departments 
Private ambulance services 
Public ambulance services 
Emergency departments 
Mining companies 
Drilling companies 
Construction companies 
Power plants 
Chemical Plants 
Doctor's offices 
State park services 
National park services 

Medical/ Biomedical equipment company sales 
Emergency Medical service provider manager/supervisor/ team leader 
Emergency Medical service provider Training officer

Department of Rehabilitation and Sport Professions

Explore Rehabilitation and Sport Profession Degrees

Athletic Training Bachelor Athletic Trainer Certified 
Licensed Athletic Trainer 
Sports Medicine Specialist 
Sports Nutritionist 
Exercise Physiologist 
Public Health Specialist 
Health Educator 
Performance Enhancement Specialist 
Exercise Technician 
Rehabilitation Specialist 
Injury Prevention Specialist 
Risk Management Specialist 
Personal Trainer 
Fitness Trainer
Physical Therapist Assistant Associate Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant 
Director of Rehabilitation 
Clinical Instructor 
PTA program Faculty
Occupational Therapist Assistant Associate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) 
Rehab manager 
Case Manager 
Activities Coordinator 
Occupational Therapy

3+2 Bachelor to Master
Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Registered Licensed Occupational Therapists 
Rehab manager 
Case Manager 
Activities Coordinator 
OT program Faculty
Sport Studies Concentration in Sport Management Bachelor Professional Sports Management/Administration 
Collegiate Athletics Administration 
High School Athletics Administration 
Amateur Athletics Administration 
Sports Media/Media Relations 
Facility/Event Management 
Municipal Recreation
Sport Studies Concentration in Exercise Science Bachelor Personal Trainer 
Athletic Enhancement Programs 
Strength and Conditioning Specialists 
Cardiac Rehabilitation 
Corporate Wellness Program 
Private Sports Medicine Clinics 
Commercial Health and Fitness Facilities 
State and Federal Wellness Programs 
Community Health and Fitness Programs
Area of Study Degrees Awarded Job Opportunities

C.H. Lute School of Business

Explore Business Degrees

Accounting Associates in Applied Business: Accounting Technology Accounting clerk 
Accounts entry 
Auditing clerk 
Entry level- Banking 
Payroll clerk
Accounting BSBA: Accounting Accountant 
Budget Analyst 
Cost Estimator 
Tax Preparer 
CPA (Certified Public Accountant) 
CMA (Certified Management Accountant) 
CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) 
Financial examiner 
Internal Revenue Agent 
Tax Examiner 

Graduate school opportunities:
Masters in Accounting, MBA (Masters in Business Administration) 

Professional certifications:
General Business Associates in Applied Business: Business Management Entry level Management 
Administrative services managers 
Human resources managers 
Customer Service representative
General Business BSBA: General Business Entrepreneur 
Middle or Upper management 
Business Executive 
Administrative Manager 
General Manager 
Operational Manager 
Purchasing Manager 
Community Associate Manager 
Facility manager 
Human resources Manager 
Training Manager 
Production Manager 
Labor Relations 
Management Analyst 
Compensation/Benefits Manager

Profit, Non-Profit, Governmental, or International opportunities 

Graduate school opportunities:
MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
Health Care Administration BSBA: Health Care Administration: Acute Care Hospital Administrator 
Clinic Administrator 
Business Office Manager (Health related) 
Physician Group Practice Administrator 
Social Service Manager 
Pharmacy Sales representative 
Home Health Care Manager 
Human Resources Associate/Director 
Community Service Manager 
Training Specialist 
Healthcare Executive/Administrator

Work in hospitals, home health agencies, physician groups, pharmaceutical

Graduate school opportunities:
MHSA (Masters in health Services Administration)
MHA (Masters in Hospital Administration)
MBA (masters in Business Administration)
MHR (Masters in Human resources Management)
Health Care Administration BSBA: Health Care Administration: Long Term Care Nursing Home Administrator 
Assisted Living Administrator 
Business Office manager (Health related) 
Social Service Manager 
Home Health Care Manager 
Human resources Associate/Director 
Community Service Manager

Work in Nursing homes, assisted living, home health agencies

National accreditation, prepares student for national certification

Graduate school opportunities:
MHSA (Masters in health Services Administration)
MHA (Masters in Hospital Administration)
MBA (masters in Business Administration)
MHR (Masters in Human resources Management
Information Technology Associates in Applied Business: Information Technology Management It Technician 
Network technician 
Web designer 
Office Manager 
Computer Applications trainer 
Computer support 
Help Desk
Information Technology BSBA: Information Systems Management Security specialist/analyst 
Database Administrator 
Computer support 
Web developer 
Network administrator 
Computer Systems Administrator 
Information Systems Manager 
Computer System Analysts 
Computer Support Specialists 
Project Manager 
e-Business Manager 
ERP Manager 
IT Operations Manager 
IT consultants 

Graduate school opportunities:
Masters in Information Systems
MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

Also various professional certifications (CCP, PMP, CCNA, Microsoft certification)
Marketing BSBA: Marketing Marketing Manager/Coordinator 
Sales representative/manager 
Public relations 
Publicity agent 
Public Relations Assistant 
Political advisor/aide 
Advertising manager 
Promotions Manager Media Planner 
Marketing Research Analyst 
Assistant Product Manager 
Direct Marketing Coordinator 
Web Content Manager 
Database Marketing Analyst, Manager 

Graduate school opportunities:
Masters in marketing 
MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
Area of Study Degree Awarded Job Opportunities

School of Education

Explore Education Degrees

Early Childhood 
Middle Childhood 
Adolescent to Young Adult 
Visual Arts
Bachelor PK-12 Teacher in appropriate content area and age (Early, Middle, High school, Visual Arts) 
Teacher's Aide 
Teacher's Assistant 
Substitute Teacher
Intervention Specialist Bachelor
PK-12 Intervention Specialist 
Teacher's Aide 
Teacher's Assistant 
Substitute Teacher
Curriculum & Instruction 
Intervention Specialist
Master Continuing Study
Area of Study Degree Awarded Job Opportunities

Department of Engineering Technologies

Explore Engineering Technology Degrees

Area of Study Degree Awarded Job Opportunities
Computer Engineering Technology Bachelor Systems analyst 
Software engineer 
Software developer 
Tablet computing 
Manufacturing automation 
Sensor technology
Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology Bachelor Systems analyst 
Software engineer 
Software developer 
Apps developer 
Tablet computing 
Manufacturing automation 
Sensor technology
Environmental Engineering Technology Bachelor Government Regulator 
Environmental Risk Manager 
Water/Wastewater Technician 
Solid Waste Operations Specialist 
Hazardous Waste Operations Specialist 
Air Quality Control Technician 
Remediation Technician
Plastics Engineering Technology Bachelor Design Engineering 
Process Engineering 
Project Engineer 
Quality Control 
Machine Repair (Machine Setup, Mold setter, Auxiliary equipment setup, Grinder, Tool Room) 
Sales and Marketing 
Tool Engineering
Computer Aided Drafting and Design Associate Drafters (General) 
Architect Drafters 
Electrical &Electronics Drafters 
Mechanical Drafters 
Field Engineers and Technicians for A&E Firms
Electromechanical Engineering Technology Associate (Bachelor option) Manufacturing technicians 
Power generation 
Food processing operations 
Automated logistical warehouses and distribution centers technicians 
Pharmaceutical plant technicians 
Programmable logic device technicians 
Electro-mechanical process control equipment technicians 
Automation and robotics technicians
Technical Study Associate Incumbent workforce training
Engineering Preparation Studies Associate Transfer to 4-year engineering school