Nursing Associate Degree Pathway

Admission Requirements

Admission is determined on a competitive basis. The total number of students admitted to the program is based upon available facilities and faculty.

Qualified applicants are admitted to the associate degree in nursing program annually.

Students may be required to complete designated courses in the summer or autumn semester prior to official admission into the nursing program.

Admission Deadlines

Autumn Semester: March 1st
or until seats are filled

Spring SemesterOctober 6th
or until all seats are filled

Apply for Admission

If you apply with less than 20 hours of semester college credit,

You will need:
  • Official high school transcript denoting high school graduation or official GED test score transcript
  • A GPA of 2.5 or higher in high school and college credit
  • A minimum composite ACT score of 22 with an 18 or above in all other sections of the ACT
  • Note: Students who have met the above minimum requirements with an overall ACT score of 24 or better are eligible for automatic acceptance into the associate degree nursing program provided they meet the deadline for application.

If you apply with 20+ hours of semester college credit,

You will need:
  • Official high school or GED test score transcript (along with partial high school transcript), and official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • A cumulative college grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale from all college and universities attended
  • 15 of the 20 college credits must be required non-nursing courses with a minimum of 8 of the credit hours in the required science courses (BIOL 1130, BIOL 1131, BIOL 3650, or BIOL 3750)

    Note: Students may repeat any required science course only one time to achieve a grade of “C” or better. Science courses must be taken within 5 years of application to be considered during admission process. 

Improve Your Chances of Admission

If you apply and are not accepted to the ADN program on your initial attempt, please contact the School of Nursing for further guidance.

If you are currently a high school student:

  • Choose science courses such as biology, anatomy & physiology, and chemistry. GRADES MATTER.
  • Choose at least one algebra course.
  • Take the ACT early, and plan to re-take if you would like to improve your score.
  • Talk to a nurse about their work and educational path.
  • Talk to your guidance counselor about the profession of nursing and educational requirements.
  • Investigate opportunities to take college level classes while you are still in high school.

If you are currently a college student:

  • Take the following courses first: BIOL 1130, BIOL 1131, BIOL 3750, & BIOL 3650.
  • Take as many of the non-nursing courses listed in the program of study as possible.
  • Remember; GRADES MATTER!
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