Ray Bear

Ray Bear ‘98

Human Performance Coordinator

United States Army

Special Forces Command

Ft. Bragg, NC

Ashley Castle

Ashley Castle, PT, DPT


Tri-State Rehab Services

Ironton, OH

Jim Kolar

Jim Kolar

Manager, SOMC Life Centers

Portsmouth, OH

Megan Mitchell Herrmann

Megan (Mitchell) Herrmann ‘09


Herrmann Family Chiropractic

Johnston, IA

Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby ‘95


Owner, Fitness Business Institute

Louisville, KY

Andrew Walters

Andrew Walters ‘05

Strength and Conditioning Coach

United States Army

3rd Special Forces Group

Ft. Bragg, NC

Brad Zieber

Brad Zieber ‘05

Manager of Performance Training

SOMC Life Center

Portsmouth, OH