All EMT requirements and:

Must have BIOL1130 or other college level, program specific Anatomy & Physiology Course such as EMTP2000 (proposed) Anatomy & Physiology for EMS.

Note: All perspective Paramedic Students are required to have Ohio EMT certification before starting Paramedic Courses; EMTP2100-EMTP2800, therefore all incoming students who are not currently Ohio EMT certified are encouraged to take the Ohio EMT Course (EMTP1100) or equivalent in their first semester at Shawnee State University.

BIOL1110 is no longer offered; use BIOL1120 instead.

Changes to Summer semester course offerings for degree and non-degree students: Certificate only and non-degree seeking students only complete the core classes.

EMTP2500 Advanced Emergency Procedures (3 CR).

EMTP2800 Paramedic Field Internship (3 CR). proposed

Core Paramedic Courses currently offered in following sequence:

Fall Semester

EMTP2000 (will replace EMTP2999; proposed).               3 credit hour

EMTP2100 Paramedic Skills 1                                         5 credit hour

EMTP2101 Paramedic Skills 1 Lab                                  2 credit hour

EMTP2102 Paramedic Skills 1 Clinical                             2 credit hour

EMTP2200 Paramedic Skills 2                                          4 credit hour

Total                                                                            16 credit hours

Spring Semester 1ST 8 WEEKS

EMTP2300 Paramedic Skills 3                                        5 credit hour

EMTP2301 Paramedic Skills 3 Lab                                  2 credit hour

EMTP2302 Paramedic Skills 3 Clinical                             2 credit hour

Total 1st 8 weeks                                                           9 credit hour

Spring Semester 2nd 8 weeks

EMTP2400 Paramedic Skills 4                                        5 credit hour

EMTP2401 Paramedic Skills 4 Lab                                  2 credit hour

EMTP2402 Paramedic Skills 4 Clinical                             2 credit hour

Total 2nd 8 weeks                                                           9 credit hour

Total for semester                                                        18 credit hour

Summer Semester

EMTP2500 Advanced Emergency Procedures                 3 credit hour

EMTP2800 Paramedic Field Internship                           3 credit hour

Total for semester                                                         6 credit hours

Total for core                                                               40 credit hours

Note: For degree seeking students courses offered in each of the first three semesters stays the same with exception of BIOL1110 being replaced by BIOL1120.