Our Mission

The education faculty and staff share a commitment to quality programs that will meet the challenges facing educators in the 21st century. To that end, a vision has been collectively constructed that SSU prepares teachers as learner-centered, inquiring professionals.

The notion of learner-centered supports a belief that the effectiveness of teacher preparation should be demonstrated through the capacity outcomes of its graduates, their knowledge and ability to teach.  This effectiveness can be further translated in P-12 classrooms, demonstrated by the learning outcomes of the school-age learners.

Good teaching, therefore, should be judged through the perspective of learners engaged in the process of learning.  That is, an effective teacher must 1) teach for understanding-to teach in ways that help learners understand ideas and perform proficiently; and 2) teach for diversity-to teach in ways that help diverse learners find productive paths to knowledge so they also learn to live constructively together.  This learner-centered notion culminates in the moral purpose of teaching-that the ultimate commitment of education professionals is to the welfare of all students, in their physical, moral, and intellectual growth.