February 5, 2024

The C.H. Lute School of Business at Shawnee State University has received accreditation by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), school officials announced.

IACBE Accredited logo

“The achievement of any accreditation is a significant milestone for the institution and the programs as it represents an affirmation of academic quality,” SSU Provost Dr. Sunil Ahuja said. “This accreditation, which has been long-sought at SSU, is incredibly important for our programs, students, and faculty because it reflects the quality of our programs within the C.H. Lute School of Business. As we add more pathways and additional educational opportunities in business for students, displaying that our business programs are accredited is a distinct confirmation of the outstanding work we have done and will continue to do to prepare our students to succeed in tomorrow’s business world.”

The IACBE accreditation principles include commitment to integrity; responsible and ethical behavior; quality assessment and advancement; strategic planning; business curricula and learning opportunities; business faculty characteristics, activities, and processes; resources supporting business programs; external relationships; and innovation in Business Education. The School was also noted to have demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement, excellence in business education, and advancing academic quality in its business programs and operations.

“Accreditation has always been a goal with our programs and it’s something that we can definitely say we’ve delivered on,” SSU Director of the C.H. Lute School of Business, Dr. Steven Rader said. “It truly helps us continue to drive changes that will make our programs better, and it’s a public statement for students to understand how we are meeting the standards we need to meet in order for them to have an impactful education and preparation for their careers.” 

The C.H. Lute School of Business includes degrees in six disciplines: accounting, healthcare administration, information systems management, management, marketing, and sport management. Introduced this past fall, the Master of Business Administration within the School focuses on entrepreneurship, economic development, and leadership in Appalachia.

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