June 3, 2024

Offering computer core programs like the nationally-ranked Digital Simulation & Game Engineering Technology, the applied Computer Engineering Technology, and the recent addition of Information Security (Cybersecurity), the Department of Engineering Technologies has introduced a new Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program starting in Fall 2024.

laptop screen with code displayed

“This program offers a lot of opportunities for research and problem-solving,” said Professor Duane Skaggs. “It will teach students to identify a problem, design a solution, and then actually build that solution to implementation.”

With research beginning in the first year of coursework, SSU’s Computer Science program focuses on computing systems, algorithms, software development, and applications.

“Students will get to start researching their very first semester and can build on those skills every single semester,” said Skaggs. “It’s great for students who want to focus on understanding all aspects of a problem.”

Offering a wide range of courses in computing, mathematics, science, and the humanities, students will be able to recognize the connections among seemingly unrelated ideas.

“We have a lot of interdisciplinary ideas in the works too,” said Skaggs. “Those ideas can allow students to be able to make connections between computers to history to chemistry and more.”

Gaining a strong understanding of mathematics and engineering, graduates are expected to enter a job market expected to grow by over 8% in the next decade.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how this program will expand our already large community we have of programmers and engineers on campus,” said Skaggs.

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