Campus Computer and Network Use Policy


  • University Wide
    • Policy No.: 5.30Rev
    • Page No.: 1 of 2
    • O.A.C : 3362-5-30
    • Effective Date: 2-9-07


  • Campus Computer and Network Use Policy
    • Recommended by: CABINET
    • Approved by: Board of Trustees

1.0 Access Privileges

Access to computer systems, resources and networks owned or operated by Shawnee State University is a privilege which imposes responsibilities and obligations and is granted subject to University policies and Conditions for Use of University Computing Resources, as well as local, state, and federal statutes. This policy applies to all users who are granted access to the University's computing resources.

Use of the University's computing systems, resources and networks is granted solely to current Shawnee State University active and retired faculty, staff, enrolled students, and any others designated in writing by the President or Vice President for Finance and Administration. Use of these resources is limited to applications and activities appropriate to the user's role in the University. Commercial use of University resources is prohibited. The University reserves the right to limit, restrict, extend or deny computing privileges and access to its resources.

The University reserves the right to test and monitor security, and review any files or information resident on University systems for unacceptable use. It is the expectation that all accounts assigned to authorized individuals will be treated as private by university employees charged with managing University computer systems, resources, and networks.

An account may be accessed without the user's permission upon authorization by the President or the President's designee for any employee placed on temporary or extended leave of absence, or otherwise is not reasonably available, or when there is probably suspicion of violation of University policies or evidence of criminal activity. The University reserves the right to deny access to its computer systems, resources and networks until consent to access the account is provided by the President or President's designee.

2.0 University Computing Resources

All users are responsible for complying with the Conditions for Use of University Computing Resources (Conditions for Use) of Shawnee State's computer systems, resources, and networks. Conditions for Use shall be forwarded to users via University e-mail at the time any modifications are approved by the President. They shall be posted on the SSU web page and be made available upon request from University Information Services. Conditions for Use will be periodically reviewed and revised in consultation with the University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC).

As a member of the Ohio Academic Research Network (OARnet), Shawnee State shall seek to comply with all policies and procedures of OARnet and related networks. In turn, all users granted privileges to access OARnet and other networks must comply with the policies and procedures of those networks.

3.0 Sanctions

Violation of computer use policies or Conditions for Use may result in sanctions by the University, up to and including loss of computing privileges, termination of employment and dismissal from the University in accordance with the appropriate policies and collective bargaining agreements regarding disciplinary actions. The process outlined in the student handbook will determine sanctions for students. Disciplinary actions do not preclude additional civil or criminal prosecution by the appropriate authority.
Replaces Policy 5.30 dated 9-11-01