Shawnee State University offers an Associate of Arts in General Studies degree. General Studies students do not focus on a particular major.  These students are given the freedom to take courses from a variety of fields while still receiving a thorough grounding in the Liberal Arts and Sciences including mathematics, natural sciences, history, writing, social sciences, philosophy, literature, art and oral communication.  The Associate of General Studies degree requires the student to fulfill 60 college credit hours with specific credits from each of Shawnee State University's general education categories.

Many Shawnee State students choose to major in the two-year general studies degree, completing many of the core courses required for a four-year degree, while they consider the correct Bachelor Degree for their career path.  However, the Associate of Arts in General Studies doesn't have to be a stepping-stone to a Bachelor Degree; it can be an end in itself, with a variety of employment opportunity choices for students. 

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