How do I start the program?

About Game Programming

The introductory course for this degree is ETGG 1801 Game Programming Foundations 1, and you'll need to take MATH 1250 College Algebra either before or after. If your ACT Math Sub-score was 22 or higher, you won't need to take MATH 1200.

The Student Success Center/University College will help you enroll in courses that count towards the degree's requirements while you meet the math requirement. Even though the work you do to fulfill the math requirement doesn't count as academic credit towards the degree, it will strengthen your math skills and help you excel in the degree program.

Laptop Requirements

All students in the B.S. in Computer Engineering Technology, B.S. in Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology, and A.A.S. in Electromechanical Engineering Technology degree programs are required to purchase a laptop computer for use in class.  Any operating system, vendor, and graphics card are acceptable.  If the laptop is the student’s only computer (i.e. they don’t have a desktop computer at home), a higher-end laptop is preferable.  Basically, if you can play modern games on your computer, you should be good for class. 

Many vendors offer academic discounts to university students.  See the respective vendors’ websites for more information on how to take advantage of these discounts.

Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology

While you learn how how to make your characters move in different ways through space, you'll also be learning the trigonometry and computer engineering concepts that make it happen. Your classes are set up to support team-based, open-ended projects that will help you fine tune your skills and be fully prepared to work.

You'll be able to work as a game or simulation programmer, designer, or architect. Because you'll be exposed to such a strong background in computer science and programming, you could expand your career to something non-game related.

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