Molly Davis is the first in her immediate family to receive a college degree, specifically a Bachelor’s of Science with a focus on Biology. She had the opportunity to take a variety of classes and because of this she found a true love for epidemiology and micro sciences.  

“College is for someone who is a life-long learner, something that expands your horizons because of the experience and friendships that you make.” 

Molly was able to begin working in her career only a month after receiving her bachelor’s degree. The small class sizes and being able to connect with professors helped her focus on her studies and learn more about what she is interested in. Before attending college, Molly described herself as not being very academically motivated. However, this changed at Shawnee State; her dream is to attend graduate school and earn a master’s degree in science with a concentration in micro.  

Shawnee State’s Biology program prepares students for careers or graduate programs. When students choose to concentrate in biology, they are offered the opportunity to not only learn about biology but also take classes in chemistry, geology, physics, and mathematics allowing students to have a variety of skills after graduation. Molly understood that college is to be taken seriously and her experience as a student, while requiring a lot of time and focus, allowed her to earn a degree in what interests her the most.