November 14, 2022

Studying General Chemistry, Shawnee State University senior Gavin Rose (Hometown: Newark, Ohio) has enjoyed being able to explore his admiration and interest for chemistry through the university’s four-year program. Now approaching his final semester at SSU, Rose knows the program has provided him with several opportunities, improved his skills, and produced some of his favorite memories on campus.

Gavin Rose

“I have been given a lot of research opportunities from the professors here and learned so much from this program,” he said fond of his time experimenting in the chemistry lab.

Following his graduation, Rose plans on furthering his education in chemistry. Getting to specialize in what he is most passionate about, he is excited at the idea of encouraging his love for the subject.

“I am planning to go on to graduate school to get my Ph.D. in either Inorganic Chemistry or Astrochemistry,” he said.

Outside of his classwork, Rose has found himself part of numerous clubs on campus. He encourages other students to become involved with student life to create experiences of their own.

“I am a Senior Resident Assistant and the Chemistry Club President,” he said. “I am also a member of multiple other clubs. Getting involved is great for students on campus. I have made some amazing friends and great memories.”

Sharing his experience with others interested in the subject, Rose is grateful for the help of his professors during his time at SSU.

“Get to know the professors,” he said. “They are great people, and they will help you tremendously throughout the years in this major.”

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