October 6, 2022

Sharing his passion for math, Shawnee State University Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences David DeSario recently presented at MathFest – the largest math convention in the United States. Thousands of mathematicians from around the world meet at the conference each year to share their ideas and findings with one another.

David DeSario at MathFest

Presenting at the conference held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Professor DeSario’s talk focused on French mathematician Blaise Pascal’s famous gambling problems and how it laid the groundwork for the modern understanding of probability.

“The history of Mathematics has really started to interest me,” DeSario said. “Math for the sake of math is beautiful.”

In his tenth year at SSU, DeSario followed his natural math ability and earned his undergraduate degree in mathematics from Marshall University before then earning his graduate degree at Temple University. In his time teaching at SSU, he enjoys being able to show others how powerful, useful, and engaging math can be.

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