November 15, 2022

A second-year in the Radiologic Technology program at Shawnee State University, Larissa Williams (Hometown: New Boston, Ohio) feels confident pursuing a career that is challenging, but rewarding in many ways.

Larissa Williams

“I had a lot of family in the healthcare field, and I have always known I wanted to follow in their footsteps,” she said. “The technology behind the CT, MRI and X-ray scans just interested me. I’ve always been into technology and computers. That, with the aspect of patient care combined, just seemed like a really good fit for me.”

Covering six academic semesters, the Radiologic Technology at SSU combines classroom instruction with clinical experience. The program prepares students for careers as radiographers who work under the supervision of medical radiologists or physicians in hospital radiology departments, clinics, commercial x-ray laboratories, or doctors’ offices.

“The classes take a lot of hard work, determination, focus, and commitment, but in the end it is worth it,” she said. “I feel very prepared to go into the workforce.”

Williams is looking forward to expanding her education to learn more about computed tomography (CT) so she can specialize in mammography.

“Women’s health is very important to me, and something that I am interested in pursuing,” she said.

With an associate degree in Radiologic Technology, a student can enter the workforce right away. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiologic and MRI technologist jobs are expected to continue to grow over the next decade, adding to in-demand healthcare fields.

“It’s really versatile, and I really think it’s a great career choice,” said Williams.

To learn more about the Radiologic Technology program at Shawnee State University, visit or contact Program Director Sheena Shifko at