June 5, 2023

Having family members that graduated from Shawnee State University, Ethan Campbell knew he wanted to pursue a career in Education at the university. Graduating in Spring 2023, Campbell majored in Early Childhood and Special Education for grades Pre-K-3rd grade to make an impact on young kids.

Ethan Campbell

 “You can make the biggest impact on young children, especially in a region like this where poverty is rather high,” he said. “When I was in high school, I took a class where I helped teach a special education art class which sparked my interest. I still have friendships with those students.”

Campbell feels very prepared for his future career after going through the extensive education program on campus.

 “The thing about Shawnee is, I have friends who go to different universities, and they just don’t feel like family as we do here,” he said. “I know all the professors, I have their numbers, and I’m able to ask any questions that I have.”

Student teaching in his senior year, Campbell was placed at Bloom Vernon, a local elementary school in the region. During his experience he was able to watch how his mentor operated in the classroom and it inspired him to implement many of those techniques into his future classroom. Excited to start his career in education, he encourages others to consider how to grow partnerships in the career field to gain valuable knowledge.

“Get to know your professors and make connections,” he said. “Connections and networking are the most important thing. Especially with your classmates because they are your number one resource who are also in the profession.”

SSU’s Early Childhood and Special Education degree prepares students who want to support children with special needs in the classroom. The program combines clinical experience with classroom learning and allows students to tackle diverse subjects like psychology and early childhood development. Students have the opportunity to dive deeply into special education and can study both on campus and in early childhood classrooms to receive a balanced curriculum designed to prepare them to excel.

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