February 8, 2022

Approaching the second anniversary of owning her own business, Shawnee State University alumna Brianna Buchholz has been working to make a name for herself since graduating in 2020. Starting her own photography business – Brianna Buchholz Photography – only three days after graduation, she has spent her time building her portfolio and brand among her clients in St. Louis, Missouri.

portrait of Brianna Buchholz holding camera

“I found out from the clients that have called and booked with me that the number one thing they said was ‘your marketing, your photos, your brand – everything is just what we want,’” said Buchholz. “That made me feel really good knowing that all my hard work is paying off.”

Passionate about photography since she first picked up a camera on a family vacation in 2016, Buchholz was inspired to pursue her passion in her education. She chose to enroll in SSU and take classes towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography.

“I realized it was really the professors, staff and faculty, who made this campus a true home to me,” she said. “The professors I had at SSU really wanted to see their students succeed, while the staff at SSU allowed me to explore which path of photography I wanted to take by being a student photographer on campus. Everyone at SSU has helped me in so many ways to be where I am today, and I am forever thankful for all the opportunities SSU has given me.”

Pursuing her business full-time this past year, her business focuses primarily on wedding, couple, and family photography.

“I have always been passionate about this craft, and believe that great photography is as much about a feeling as a look,” said Buchholz. “My approach is all about helping you feel comfortable and confident.”

In the future, she has plans to expand her business and open a photography studio where she can offer photography courses and lead a full team of photographers. She also aspires to begin traveling to more states for weddings and large-scale photography events.

“My job is to capture all those moments while you are living in the moment,” said Buchholz. “That way you can keep reliving those feelings for years to come.”

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