Staci Hepler (B.S. M.S. Integrated Mathematics with Adolescent to Young Adult Literature) believes that her path to success was greatly paved by the caring and supportive professors she had as a student of Shawnee State University. She came to SSU wanting to teach high school math, but helping struggling students in the Math Lab inspired her to work toward teaching at a higher level. After completing her undergraduate and getting her Ph.D. in statistics, she became a professor for Wake Forest University in Salem, North Carolina- and now it’s Staci’s turn to be an outstanding mentor.  

“Now, I can impact my students, too.” 

Staci is currently part of two academic research projects. She and other Wake Forest professors are studying herbivores in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and how they are impacted by environmental influences. She is also working with OSU Medical Center to study the opioid crisis currently affecting southern Ohio, and hopes to use their research to influence policy makers to make sound decisions involving the epidemic. Staci will soon enter her fourth year of teaching statistics at Wake Forest University. 

Staci is one of more than 15,000 members of the SSU Alumni Association. Every one of these former students is standing out in his or her own way. 

As a Shawnee State student, you are a future alum with an outstanding story of your own just waiting to be written.  

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