Welcome Bears!

This page will take you through everything that you need to know in order to secure housing for Autumn 2023. We will cover our timeline, resources, application, room selection, and more!

We highly recommend you review this information and keep an eye on your Shawnee Student Email. Messages from Housing and Residence Life will come from If you have any questions, reach out to our office so we can support you with our housing processes. 

You will need access to your MySSU account for most of these processes. Need help accessing your MySSU account? Visit our ITS Get Connected site.

Timeline for Autumn 2023

  • January 2nd: Housing Contract & Profile and Preference form available on the housing tab of your MySSU
    *If you cannot see your housing contract on your MySSU, please contact
  • March 27th: Roommate Matching opens
  • May 22nd: Freshman Rooms Available for room selection. 
  • July 10th: Move-in Information will be available 
  • September 1st: Last day for room change request

Housing Requirements

All students in their first and second year of attendance and who live more than 25 miles from campus are required to live in university-assigned housing.

Exceptions to this policy include students living with one or both of their parents, married students, single parents with full or shared custody of children, veterans, students over the age of 23, transfer students with more than sixty (60) transferred credits earned beyond high school graduation, and other extraordinary circumstances as determined by the Vice President for Advancement and Enrollment Management or designee.

If you are in your first or second year of attendance and you think you are exempt from the housing policy, you must complete the housing exemption form or appropriate housing and meal plan charges will be applied to your bill. 

Review the full policy (PDF)

Age Limit

Research has shown that maturation compatibility among students is a significant factor in the normal operation of housing and a major determinant of student success and retention. Student housing complements that experience when the age range difference of students in a housing unit does not exceed ten years. Thus, housing applicants beyond the typical age range of 17-23 years will need to demonstrate extenuating circumstances and receive approval from the Director of University Housing & Residence Life to live in university housing.

Housing Options

It is important to know what housing option you are interested in as you complete all the housing processes. You can review our housing options at the bottom of our home page. You can click on each apartment option that we have, and it will take you to a more detailed page of that apartment. These pages include What comes with the apartment, a picture of the unit, a 3D tour of one of the units, and floor plans!

Contract & Deposit Payments

How do I apply for housing for 2023-2024?

Step 1

To access the housing and residence life contract, log in to your MySSU. Click on the “Housing” tab. 

Step 2

Open the “2023-2024 Academic Year - Housing Contract” under the “Housing Contract” section.

housing contract screenshot

Step 3

Read and agree to the contract. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to a contract binding for the autumn and spring semesters.

Step 4

After accepting the terms and conditions, if this is your first semester in housing, you will be advised that a $50 housing deposit/prepayment is required. You will be given the option to pay through CashNet. If you are not prepared to pay at this time, you can return the housing contract later. To pay the deposit later, you must log back into your housing contract and navigate to the end until you reach the payment page. If you do not complete the payment, the housing contract will not be completed.

Step 5

Traverse back to the “Housing” tab of your MySSU. Click on the “Housing Student Profile and Preferences” link. After you have completed your housing application, you will need to complete this form. The Housing profile and preference form collects your emergency contact and meal plan information. This is a required part of the housing process, and the failure to complete this form will result in your meal plan being defaulted to an unlimited meal plan.

*If you do not complete the Housing Contract and the Profile and Preference form, you cannot request a roommate or select a room.

Contract Cancellation Process

Students who decide not to attend Shawnee State University or who are approved for a contract release after a deposit is made will not receive the deposit back. 

If you have already signed a housing contract and think that you fall under one of the exceptions to get out of your housing contract, please visit Petition for Housing Contract Release for more information.

Create a Roommate Group

Step 1

Make sure you have completed your Autumn 2023 Housing Application and your Autumn 2023 Profile and Preference Form.

Step 2

To access the Roommate Matching Process, log in to your MySSU. Click on the “Housing” tab. Find the “Roommate Request” Section and select “Autumn 2023” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3

You can find the roommate you are wanting to live with by their first name, middle initial, and last name or their email. We recommend asking your preferred roommate for their email to make sure you match with the correct person.

*If you are not able to find the individual you are looking for, they have either already selected a room, or they have not completed a housing contract.

Step 4

The student you have sent a roommate request to must log in to their MySSU and accept the request. The request will be located in the same “Roommate Request” section.

Step 5

Once everyone has accepted the roommate requests, you are ready to go for room selection!

Select a Room

Note: Campus View 300, 400, 1200, and 1300 are Freshman only, and they will not be available to select until May 22nd!

Step 1

Log on to your MySSU and go to the Housing tab.

Step 2

Find the “Room Selection” section and click “Autumn 2023” from the dropdown.

Step 3

Confirm that your listed roommates are correct if you have requested any, and select “Browse Rooms”

Step 4

Find the room that is perfect for you, and press “Select Suite”!

Helpful Tips

  • You will only be shown rooms that are available, and you and your roommate group will fit in.
  • The picture of each room will tell you which building the room is in and if it is a single or double room.
  • The parentheses at the end of each room tell you what theme that room falls under. If there are no parentheses it is a mixed building!

Here is an example of what you might see:


Step 5

Place yourself and if applicable, your roommate group, into the room(s) that you are wanting. Once you have placed everyone into the correct room, select “Confirm & Finish”!

confirm and finish screenshot


  • SSU Resident Handbook (PDF) - Guides and regulations that apply to all housing students.
  • What to Bring Packing List (PDF) - Recommended items to bring for housing! 
  • Parking Permit – Request a parking pass before moving in and pick it up once you are here on campus.
  • Student Code of Conduct – This document provides detailed descriptions of behaviors that violate our expectations and that would result in a conduct review and possible disciplinary action.