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Our Vision

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion was created to provide a friendly environment composed of the various identities and individuals at Shawnee State. Their vision is to welcome each student and help them feel comfortable and included in the campus community through the different clubs and student groups. 


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African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American Student Club

AHANA is an organization designed to increase awareness of diversity and multi-cultural aspects of African, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American people and students. The club encourages interactions between its members and other students of different backgrounds and are committed to helping students cope and learn the university's system, while also fostering a spirit of unity and togetherness, by taking an active role in community service projects.

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Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA)

The organization seeks to promote the advancement of human understanding about sexuality and add to the culture by addressing concerns and thoughts brought up by students. The club also promotes diversity and understanding by giving a voice to the LGBTQ+S students at Shawnee State University.

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International Forum (IF)

The International Forum was designed to organize a group, within the Shawnee State community, with international interest and open a dialogue. The goal is to meet and discuss international affairs, issues, cultures, languages, and other internationally related topics. They aim to raise and promote international consciousness on campus.

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Women's Initiative for Strength and Excellence (WISE)

The mission at WISE is to promote feminism and women's social issues at Shawnee State University and in the Portsmouth and surrounding communities. Their goal is to promote positive outreach within the community through service, mentorship and programs, as well as seeking intellectual experiences by attending conferences and lectures.

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Other Resources

Tri-State Diversity & Inclusion Conference

The conference is designed to celebrate individuals from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives and to share dialogue and engage in critical thinking exercises to enhance multicultural awareness. We currently have three members on the committee: Justin McMillan (Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs Student Life), Dr. Linda Koenig (Director Counseling Health Services), and Marcie Simms (Dean of Students). Every member of the committee is also dedicated to speaking with any student about any issues that they wish to discuss.

About Us

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion is a comprehensive office, within the division of Student Affairs which provides academic, personal, social and cultural support to students. To empower, educate, and retain students the office provides culturally relevant services through academic achievement, scholarship, and mentoring which promotes the successful transition, persistence, achievement and graduation of students.