Since Celebration of Scholarship 2021 is fully online, students need to prepare recordings of their presentations which will be uploaded to the Digital Commons at the Clark Memorial Library – only students nominated for a Trustees’ Award will give a live presentation.

Recorded presentations should be no more than 15 minutes long, unless it is a large group, in which case the presentation may be up to 45 minutes long. 

In both cases the presentations should be saved as an MP4. Students with accepted abstracts will be contacted directly with directions about how to submit their recorded presentations to the submission portal. Note that the presentation submission portal will not open until mid-March 2021.

Recording your presentation:

We recommend making the recording of your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, you can find directions for that here: 

Saving your presentation as an MP4:

After recording your PowerPoint you can save it as an MP4 following these directions: 

You are welcome to make a recording at any time and hold onto it before submitting it.


Be sure to contact your faculty mentor or Erik Larson: with any questions.