A Temporary Addendum to the Student Conduct Code has been developed to proactively respond to COVID-19 and increase safety for students and visitors. Students will be required to sign a Student Pledge agreeing to follow all safety precautions for themselves and their visitors.


Students will be expected to follow physical distancing and PPE as established for classrooms, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, the Morris University Center, Bears Den, Clark Memorial Library, administrative offices, student housing, etc. Members of the community are responsible for reading and following posted information about gathering limits and distancing while on campus.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are required throughout campus except in a student’s personally assigned apartment. Students found not wearing their masks will be asked to do so immediately and may be subject to discipline through the Student Conduct Code.


Situations where a face covering is not required include: while eating or drinking, in the student’s own residence hall room, during physical exertion, manual labor, running or athletic training, outdoors with more than six feet of continuous separation between all people, other physical limitations or conditions that preclude an individual from wearing a mask. For exceptions, the student may contact the Dean of Students or the Office of Accessibility Services.


Students are expected to clean their own workspace before and after using it.