Levi Miller pursued a degree in electromechanical engineering so he could work in a field he was passionate about, opening doors to a world of technical and industrial mechanics. The smaller campus allowed him to feel at home, since he grew up not far from Portsmouth, he was able to have a college experience that wasn’t too overwhelming for him. The professors within his program truly cared about the education he received, he was able to learn within the classroom during lectures as well as getting hands-on experience, making him into a fully rounded professional upon graduation.  

“My dream was just to have a good, solid job and have a decent life to provide well for my family. My degree allows me to do just that because it sets you up for opportunities, different jobs; Industrial America is a large field.” 

Levi was set up with an internship through Shawnee State, helping him move forward into his career. The electromechanical engineering program leads students like Levi to work with engineers, scientists, or production personnel. Although Levi was mainly concerned with receiving an education at a low cost, he didn’t expect the education to be of such high quality, truly changing his life. He was able to grow as a person, within an environment where others from different areas work together to achieve a single goal: a career in what they love.  

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