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Steven Rader
Athletic Training Program Director

Astra Ng
Communications Coordinator
Office of Marketing & Communications
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October 10, 2019

Shawnee State University has partnered with Marshall University to offer preferential admission for SSU students majoring in Athletic Training who plan to pursue a master’s degree.

The agreement will allow up to three SSU students every year to use the newly established connection to continue their education at Marshall University.

“The accrediting body for athletic training programs announced that students interested in the field will need a master’s degree to work, so this agreement will guarantee our students a spot in the Marshall University’s master’s degree program if they choose to continue their education,” said Steven Rader, Program Director of Athletic Training at SSU. “This is a great way for our university to help our students secure a spot that will help them be more successful in their future careers.”

The agreement with Marshall University also gives SSU students the option to pursue their master’s degree in a 3+2 format. Under this format, students follow an accelerated path, completing their undergraduate degree in three years before entering the graduate program at Marshall.

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