May 11, 2022

Finishing her degree this semester, Lexee Trainer, a senior from Springfield, Ohio, is planning to use her Shawnee State University psychology degree to make a difference in those around her.

Lexee Trainer

“I always knew I wanted to study psychology and occupational therapy so that I could help people,” she said. “I want to make a lifelong career out of that.”

Trainer found herself at SSU after learning about the Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) program. Connecting with alumni who had been in the program, she decided to follow a similar path.

“I made a last-minute decision to study at SSU after learning about the MOT program and cost of attendance,” she said. “It was close to home, affordable, and I knew some people who had success in the program. I found out I could study Psychology as the undergraduate prerequisite – it was right for me.”

Following her graduation this spring, Trainer is now pursuing her graduate degree in the university’s MOT program. She is confident that both of her degrees will blend together and give her the chance to make a true impact on patient care.

“Since psychology is the prerequisite for the MOT program, it just made sense to do both,” she said. “Occupational therapy is still therapy based, but it is very broad. I’m not limited to one path with that.”

While at SSU, Trainer took the opportunity to be involved with student life as a member then President of the Student Government Association, a Welcome Ambassador, and working in the Office of Student Life and Peer Drop-In Center. Combining her studies and activities on campus, she encourages those thinking about studying Psychology to develop relationships with their professors and classmates.

“You build relationships while having meaningful discussions,” she said of taking advantage of joining study groups.

SSU’s Psychology program reflects the diversity of the field with courses in a range of disciplines including developmental, social, clinical, cognitive, and biological psychology. The degree gives students new insights into the ways that people feel, think, and behave, as well as the tools and methods to study these processes. Graduates of the program have pursued successful careers in education, social service, health care, mental health services, law, and business while others have pursued graduate and professional degrees in social work, counseling, psychology, medicine, law, and neuroscience. 

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